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Thursday, 19 August 2004 20:11
Firstly an apology.....

Just thought I had better own up...
I may not be JC and I certainly can't change water into wine...
But think you will all agree I did a bloody good job of changing Bitter into Lager on Saturday night !!!
Sorry but the opportunity arose to swap the barrels over whilst no one was looking and I just couldn't resist !!!
And anyway ... who would ever have thought a pure and innocent person like me would do a thing like that (Ha Ha) (At least I won't get Nines for this one - unless the skipper finds out !!!)
Still waiting for photos
All the best
Joe (The Phantom Bar Man)

Neates and Buster Brown

Just to echo the previous e-mails --Thank you all for a smashing weekend. It was like Gib was a moment away. Thank you to Taff & Tom for the organising, Joe for the website, Mal for the vibes. And a big thank you for friends keeping in touch with friends for the past 25 years.

Long may it last!!

Luv & Stuff

Buster and Neates

Sue Hind Valentine

Hiya all

Well what a weekend that was eh? how fantastic it was to see you all. It was something I will never forget – thank you Taff and Tom for a great time...and to Joe too for doing the website, so that we can all still keep in touch from time to time. Still think we should try Gib next year tho.

Take care everyone, so until next year...keep those wets rolling in, and don't run out of diet coke or else!!

Love to everyone

Sue xx

Ned Nuzum

G'day all you nicely pickled folk! - was it 25 years of absence that brought the 'big od' out in a few of us or just the 25 hours or so together, of falling about the UJC and having a wonderful time???? that accounts for my total disorientation (back in the real world) today??? Christ we must do this again!!! I haven't felt so totally confused and in control of my destiny - since the good old days back in Gib!

Thank you Mr. Thomas (with your new wardrobe of shirts) Henderson - Sir! Shipwreck! Buddy! Purveyor and promoter of Quality Leisure Time! Big OD at Heart! Popular good all round egg! Generous bastard! Husband of the lovely and mischievous Kate! Sea Daddy to many of us! - (and still is!) King of the Dits! - can anyone please add to this - for spearheading the funniest most enjoyable weekend I've had in many many years of late!!

Tom, like everyone else, I'm thoroughly grateful for all the work you put into the planning and execution of this magnificent and memorable thrash! thanks also to your able assistants in this feat - Taff and Joe and no doubt for all the help and encouragement from Kate too - thank you all very very much!
Thanks e v e r y o n e for making it to London and for all the memories and dits etc and for all those photos - it was just spot on! I've just been looking at the video and it's hilarious in parts (priceless evidence - gotcha!!) except that I missed Piggy doing his bit for the girls!! alas I'm pretty sure he'll do us an extra special re-run next time round - good on yer Piggy!!

I agree with Joe - let's have a reunion every weekend!

If not, let's at least try explore the possibility of 'doing it on the Rock',
like the good old days, one day soon!

Take care everyone - G'day and top of the morning to y'all!!

Love and kindest regards


Jan Harris

Hi All

What a weekend was that, only thing is back to the real world now.

Thanks to Taff, Jo and Tom for making it all possible.

Cant believe that it was 25 years since we all saw each other it was just like coming back from leave.

Lets have another very soon I’m up for it Gib or anywhere.

Love to you all Hope to see you all soon

Jan (Taff) Harris

Marty Ayling

Hi all,
I can echo Sue's sentiments, fabulous weekend and great to see you all again (even though my liver is still screaming for mercy!!).

Once again thanks to Tom, Taff and Joe for making it all happen.
I made it to the christening on Sunday (just as everyone else was leaving the church...oops!) Hope you all made it back home ok.
I am up for making it Gib next year,


Joe Fraser

Well I hope you all got back home safe and well, The train I was on the air conditioning packed up and I was convinced I would probably get the blame for that as well ! It was a fantastic reunion with not too many hitches (it was not my fault the raffle box fell apart).....although I may at sometime reveal why the lager was coming out of the bitter pump ??? Did anyone find out what happened to Bat Masterson and Mick Urwin ? It was great to see so many of the drunken bums from Gib putting in the effort to attend, (I was not including Cdr JB Lean in the above sentence... I spent enough time under pun in Gib !) It is the first Naval reunion I have attended that has included the Beautiful Jennys.... (how's that for grovelling Tom ?) mind you I did get to learn a few new swear words... (thanks Sue)...... I would like to make a special mention to our Doff who travelled the furthest. (Doff .. please don't get me singing again next time .. I can hardly speak ( shut it Henderson !!!) Many Many thanks to Tom and Taff for all the organising... try and get free beer next time ! And after seeing Marty Ayling again after all those years thinking he had died very nastily.... (he didn't look that much alive on Saturday morning did he ?) hope you enjoyed your orange juice Marty...(WIMP) Oh and before I forget I must mention Toms good lady wife Kate... she took my last can of Stella on the train with her then texted me to complain that it wasn't chilled.... KATE I HAD TO WAIT UNTIL 12:00 FOR A WET !!! Thanks to all of you for making it such a brilliant weekend.... Now start sending me those bloody photos........

David Sullivan

Tom, Taff.
Just a quickie to say thanks for the time and effort you spent in organising the re-union. Had a great time only sorry I didn't get down there on Friday.
Great to see all the "old/older" faces again. We shouldn’t leave it too long for the next one. We need to get together for a couple of wets in the not too distant future.
Thanks again mate
It was good
CU later

Sully (David Sullivan)

Sally Savill

Hi everyone, I would like to add my thanks to Taff and Tom and everyone who helped to make it a weekend never to be forgotten (and the bits I had forgotten are slowly coming back to me!)
Lovely to see you all again, can't believe 25 years had passed, here's to
the next one

Love Sally xxx

Ian Ranscombe

Tom, Taff & Joe,

Brilliant job in organising a very memorable and enjoyable do. It is hard to believe 25 years had passed when you met people you had not seen for that time and yet if felt like it was only a couple of months ago, if only it was and I was 24 again!!!

Great to see everybody and I will be up for Gib next year!!


Ian Ranscombe

Pat Norris

It was great to see so many people in London on Saturday for the reunion. Even though the greenies were hugely outnumbered, I loved catching up with as many people as I could over the course of the evening. I hope it goes from here to bigger and greater things and even more people can join the club. I was googling for the website address earlier and discovered that there is a move gathering pace for a 1978/79 reunion, perhaps something has started here, it shows the power of the web.

Pat Norris

Paul Markham


That's what it was on Monday morning at six o'clock when I got up for work. But it was worth it ,it was bloody great Shiela and myself would do it all again next weekend. It just seemed to pick up from when we left off and 25 years ago. I hope we can get some of the missing faces because they a bloody good do.

Lofty asked me if it was like that every weekend in Gib I said no love it was every night we did it.

Well thank you all for a great weekend and a bigger one to Tom, Taff and Joe THANKS


Tom Henderson

.......what can I say!

To everyone who turned up - thanks for making it the best weekend that I have had for a long long time!
To those of you who could not make it - you missed the best reunion ever - hope to see you all at the next one.

Memorable moments:

Sue hugging the first person she came across in the bar on Friday night only to find that he was not one of our party - nice one Sue!

Jan and Neates looking for the London Eye on Saturday morning.

Piggy's grand entrance on Saturday night - I've never seen a reverse Zulu Warrior before!

Iain Mearns winding me up a treat by pretending to be the Banqueting Manager when I was complaining about the buffet - keep looking over you shoulder Two-ii's!

The traveling room party on Saturday night ranging across two towers and five rooms. No matter where we ended up the booze always seemed to be somewhere else!

Ned leaving his video camera running in Piggy and Sheila's room after we had all moved on to various other rooms during the traveling party. That must have been a riveting bit of filming Ned!

The inside of Lindy's top! If you missed this then Kate has the photographic evidence that is being developed as we speak.

Martin Ayling panicking because he may be related to Kate through marriage to a relative that he doesn't even know he has - watch this space Martin!

Marj turning several shades of purple whilst I related the Swing
Boat story - for those of you who have not heard it there is always next year!
Sorry Marj!

Kate thinking that Sully is not old enough to have been with us in Gib!

Chris Rickard saying to me on Sunday morning - "I knew you were pissed, you were dancing!"

Kate nicking Joe's tin of Stella on Sunday morning for the train and then texting him to complain that it was not chilled!

I could go on and on, the list is endless, the whole weekend memorable.

We made £120 from the raffle and have some cash left over from tickets sales. Once I have the invoice in from the UJC I will drop you all an E-mail with the balance in the Gib78 fund. Then we can start working on the next reunion.
Once again, I'd like to thank you all for making this such a success, particularly Taff for all his help in co-organising this, and Joe for his work for the website (going out to Gib to do the research and get the photo's must have been a bugger!) and also for the can of Stella. Kate couldn't drink it mate, so I did instead! I'd also like so say a big thank you to Kate for looking after me on Saturday night!

There's one last thing that I'd like to say. Yesterday Kate said that she wished that she had the kind of friends that I have - I told her that she
has now!!

All the best folks and talk to you soon,
Cheers 'n Beardy's
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